COR-mooring Corsica Channel.png

COR-mooring in the Corsica Channel (WMO ID: 6101020)



Underwater station at about 450 m depth moored between the islands of Capraia and Corsica, at the sill of the Corsica Channel. Operative since 1985, it provides continuous measurement over time of sea currents and thermohaline properties of water masses. It is dedicated to long term monitoring of surface and intermediate circulation and water exchanges between two adjacent basins (Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea). The site is also part of the CIESM Hydrochanges Programme and participated in the JERICO projects transnational access activities.


Location: Corsica Channel (43.025°N, 9.6833°E)
Distance from land: 5 nm
Max water depth: 450 m
Date 1st deployment: 09/07/1985
Supported by: Italy
Operated by: CNR ISMAR

Status: running


The more than 35 years long time series of current velocities and thermohaline properties of the water flowing through the narrow and 450 m deep Corsica Channel provides a unique chance to evaluate the temporal variability at different scales of the exchanges between the Tyrrhenian and the Ligurian Sea. It is the longest continuous monitoring  from a deep submerged fixed site in the Mediterranean Sea. Its objective is to investigate the interannual signal of water transport through the channel, which has an essential role in the north-western Mediterranean Sea circulation and variability.


The basic configuration sees an upward looking ADCP (RDI Longranger 75 kHz) near the bottom, that profiles the currents of the whole water column, and 2-3 CTD probes (SBE37-SM) at different depths, measuring temperature, salinity and pressure within the two water masses, Atlantic Water (AW) and Levantine Intermediate Water (LIW).
Over the years, a number of additional probes have been added for limited time periods, in the framework of specific experiments (such as pCO2, O2, turbidity, profiling CTD, underwater camera).
Maintenance and data recovery are managed twice per year. Data are available only in delayed mode.