• OG1: Increasing skills and competences at national level through the exchange of experiences and best practices in the technical-scientific field, in the context of EMSO.

  • OG2: Increasing the presence and influence of Italy within the organizational structure of EMSO ERIC and in the wider community of marine sciences at international level..

  • OG3: Encouraging the identification and interaction with end users of the infrastructures managed by JRU members.


  • OS1: Systematization of the marine infrastructures and terrestrial ones connected to them (for example laboratories, calculation centers) managed by the members for an optimal and shared use of resources and scientific information.

  • OS2: Identification of the infrastructures of the JRU members that can be proposed as new sites (Regional Facility o test site) or as additional parts of existing EMSO sites.

  • OS3: Improving the integration of the Italian community in EMSO through the creation of inter-body Working Groups on strategic issues and of interest for members, also in line with the EMSO ERIC Service Groups.

  • OS4: Defining human and financial resources necessary to achieve goals.